Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

gettin ready

Went over to Arto's to see if he's gettin ready (#skateboardinggirl @tempsterreturns)

He wasn't kiddin about the documentary crew

Dang, wild bike.  Its a loaner Moto Guzzi.  Hopefully he'll let me test it out.  

I got sent some Oakley boots for the trip.  I didn't even know they made them... they are pretty serious, I think they're gonna be good.  

and I got some pairs of my favorite shades; not lying, these are the best.  They are light-weight and the glass is amazing.  Thank you Oakley!

back home, I'm getting my crap packed.  I got a rain/cold weather jumpsuit and it takes up half my bag.  

Jumper cables 'cause I think I have a short in my headlight that drains the battery.  

New helmet... I'm gonna miss looking sweet in my Fulmer, but I need my jaw for the wedding.  Plus this is a quiet one and I am certain I'm going deaf.  This Daft Punk lid will be home for the next 3 weeks.  

Guide book

Blanket and tent.  Thank you Poler! 

Then an oil change and crap over at Justin's.  I've done this a bunch of times before, it's annoying getting the filter off but its like gripping a skateboard, you can't let someone else do it. I even left a few air bubbles and miss cuts (aka oil stains on Justin's driveway).  I also
 tried to put a belt guard on for the gravel road in Alaska, but didn't have what I needed.  I don't want the belt to break on the Dalton just cause I wanted my bike to look sweet. The belt guard from Harley didn't come with the hardware even though the parts guy at the desk said it did.  So I'm just gonna put it in my bag and deal with it later. The easiest tasks can turn into a pain. 

If you can't tell I'm kind of mechanically lazy.  

Now I'm in bed, VERY tired.  I'm doing a bunch of last minute computer stuff, invoices, bills, and exporting a Cass McCombs music video, hopefully he doesn't have any more changes, cause the computer is staying home.  I'll try and sleep soon, but I have some nervous energy.  Tomorrow, Katie and I will be camping near Monterey.  350 miles or so.  

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