Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 9: Smithers to Dease Lake

381 miles 

Rode 60 miles or so on the 16 the turned onto the Cassiar Highway and rode that all day.  This sign got me hyped because it meant we were getting somewhere.

Gas siphon.  Harvey's tank gets him about 87 miles and this stretch was 156 miles with no gas.  Harvey's bike has no suspension either, which had to have been painful on this road.

Arto smoking at the gas pump

There were sketchy bridges the whole route.  One lane wooden ones too.  It was an amazing ride aside from pot holes and frost heaves that come out of nowhere.  There was also a very sketchy downhill hairpin gravel patch that came out of the blue, I saw a car fishtailing on it right behind Harvey and Ky, it sucked, but I need the practice.  If I'm really going to the Artic Circle I gotta get over my fear of gravel.

There was no center line and no shoulder for most the road, tons of frost heaves and pot holes, warning signs for bears, moose, and live stock, but on the plus side; hardly any cars or trucks at all.   It was pretty incredible and the kinds of roads I came for. I saw one or two bears but had was constantly scanning for animals, especially ones that jump out into the highway.

At this gas station people were starting to get over it and we had to take a group vote about whether to stay or go, and we chose to go.  Which got me stoked, I think I might be on a tighter schedule than some of the other people on the trip.  

Met this pal named Res at at the gas station.  

Got me

Found a pinnacle campsite on Dease Lake

Catching rainbows

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