Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 12: Tok to Fairbanks

200 miles- exactly

This is actually from the 'night' before the day I'm writing about.  Across the border we saw a flyer for a motorcyle campground.   Might as well stay there.

Grabbed this teepee, it was $20 for two people.  I didn't really think about the mosquitos when I got it, it isn't sealed up.  But it came with two of those mosquito repelling insense coils and it worked great.

The only thing making it tough to sleep was the midnight sun

Beans and Harvey partied late

Beans didn't bother to pitch his tent

There was a motorcycle shed with almost everything you could need. 

Pet cemetery 

Steam room, i used it in the morning, but was in too much of a hurry to get it all the way hot.  I just added a layer of sweat to my skin and then put my clothes on.  

Vanessa the owner.  She is so cool, and if you pass through Tok, you should stay here.

The at this point Harvey and Beans had to leave.  

So bummed to see them go, they added a lot to the vibe.  Now it's just the boring dudes like myself left.  

Bye bros.  See how long and uneventful the road is?  It was like that most of the way to Fairbanks.  Not as pinnical of a victory ride as I expected.   But we will hit some major stuff soon. 

We kept leap frogging this guy who said he rode from England down through Africa, then took a cargo ship with his bike to South America, then rode here.   Sounds chill.  

Made it to North Pole Alaska and took a cheesy photo. 

Got to Fairbanks and did an interview for Arto's documentary.  I would like to be like Timothy Treadwell and pretend we are alone on the road, but these guys are holding down the truck and have been with us every step, except they hotel it, and we camp out usually.   Nothing else happened in Fairbanks, everyone is kinda burnt, Arto got a room in the expensive hotel and I never saw him again. 

It's now Monday and I'm getting new tires and brakes put on my bike, we have a gnarly 2 days ahead of us.  We will attempt the ride to the Arctic Circle and then catch a ferry in Haines.   If everyone's bikes stay together it might be an iron butt ride.  

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