Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 5: Del Norte Coast Redwoods to Portland

340 miles

Said farewell.  If I don't make it back in one piece I'm an asshole.

Took the 199 into Oregon

That road was fun.  It eventually led to the 5, which was ok for the first hour or so while it headed up and down some mountains, then just became the crappy interstate it is for the remainder.  I started counting the miles and driving a little crazy, letting people get on my nerves.  There was eventually stopped traffic and splitting lanes is illegal here, so I had to inch along in the heat, shuffling between lanes, sort of almost lane splitting. I don't need any more moving violations, my insurance is finally getting back to normal.   I got a speeding ticket up here with Heath once before.  

Got to the front of the traffic and it was a wreck (I also saw a motorcycle in a ditch on the 199), reminding me to drive at a more relaxed pace.  I feel like when I get swept up in craze it actually makes the trip longer and more tiring.

Was shocked to see some snow covered mountains, at first I thought I imagined it.  Mt Hood I think? Also saw a sign that says I crossed the halfway point between the equator and the North Pole.  

Made it to Portland and checked into this motel.  I've stayed here before on the Beauty and the Beast tour and other trips...  

...conveniently located across from this restaurant...

...and this strip club (this is my bachelor party tour after all) 

Going to sleep soon.   I hear that Arto is catching up to me.

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