Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 14: Arctic Circle to Tok

200 miles. (Not including the last 100 miles of the Dalton etc)

This is a continuation of the same day I was at the Arctic Circle at midnight.   

Got back to the gas station 10 miles outside of Fairbanks, ky needed to go back to Harley, his pipe was falling off.  

I went to the Fred Meyer store and vegged out, had coffee and wandered around for a few hours.   I met Ky at Harley and the mechanic said 'these bikes arnt meant for roads like that.'

Luckily the fix didn't require the mechanic,  it was a DIY job.

We got on the road and took the boring route to Tok.  At one point in couldn't see Ky behind me, then he raced up and handed me a used roll of film that had fallen out of my pocket.  My jacket is an Altamont / No Age collab jacket and maybe not meant for long haul biking.  I've lost so many things in so many ways on this trip.  

Including this shirt that landed on the dalton and i found it on the way back.

Power washed the bikes because the Calcium Chloride is corrosive and will never come off your bike if you wait to wash it.  

Also if you get it in your nose it turns into a concrete booger that will give you a bloody nose when you pick it while riding.

I was so exhausted on the ride, it was only 200 miles, but after sleeping on the side of the road and the 100 miles on gravel, dirt, tar etc in the morning wiped me out. 

Went to the same biker campsite and same restaurant, Fast Eddie's, as before.  I felt like a local.  

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