Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 8: Cache Creek to Smithers BC

505 miles

Woke up.  I slept so close to the river that I didn't hear everyone packing up.  I was actually the last person ready, i told the bros I would catch up.  When I left the campsite i didn't see where everyone went and so I just kept driving.

Found a place to charge at a coffee shop.   After leaving, I found the crew again.  It's pretty easy on these highways as there aren't exits, just services right on the side of the road.  You can just spot the bikes parked outside a gas station.

Someone bought the new Playboy, which I thought was a totally good idea for a biker trip, but then I found out it was literally for the articles;

Arto double page spread!  That's some heavy coverage!

I left this gas station before everyone, cause I got impatient with sitting around for 30 min per every 1 hr of riding.   Ended up riding by myself for 300 miles or so

Saw some shitty this and

..shitty that.  Today was the crap day of roads that may have well have been West Virginia, Ohio, wherever, just level ground and trees on both sides.  Also the weather was iffy all day, i was racing with storm clouds, catching bits of rain, but nothing too bad.

Somewhere before this I killed a bird with my head.  It flew from the left, hit my helmet, and in the rear view I saw it go under a truck.  Could have been worse for myself but I felt bad for the bird. 

I got a text from Ky that said they were an hour or so behind hitting rain and wondering what they were gonna do, as in get a hotel or keep riding.   I was like "fuck it, I'm gonna mash on, did those guys really think a 2000 mile ride from Vancouver was gonna all be sunny skies and brews? Obviously a lot of it is gonna suck or what would be the point? If we don't grind miles this trip is gonna take 2 months" 

But as I was stopping in some town to eat I saw a crew of bikers that looked just like my friends except in mismatched rain clothes... 'Ohh shit it's them!'  I had to jump on the hog and chase them down.

Then, even though everyone was soaked and shivering, Arto was like, lets ride another 90 miles.  So we went for it.  I have a nerdy rain suit, so the only thing I had cold and wet was my feet.  I am so stoked we were able to pull 500 miles, we need a few more of those and business will be handled.  

Last ride of the day, sunset seems to last for hours this far north.  The only thing that sketched me out was scanning for deer, I didn't want to go too fast with the ground wet and the chance an animal could jump out.   At dusk especially.  

Now we are in a town called Smithers.  I'm really excited we got so far today.  I hope we can ride the fire tomorrow

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