Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 6: Portland to Vancouver BC

330 miles or something - started in Portland even though the crappy map doesn't show it.  Someone please make a better system than this shitty Spot Transmitter.  The boot print looks lame and it only shows a certain amount of GPS updates which it does every ten minutes.  I don't recommend this gadget.

Left at 9:30AM- it was kind of cold, and again I wasn't wearing base layers, but it wasn't cold enough for me to take apart my bag/bungee set up to get the stuff out.  

Stopped in Seattle - called my brother who lives here but he must have been up all night partyin.  Must be nice to have no responsibilities.  (Just kidding, he works nights at a hospital) 

The 5 all day

I usually ride with no tunes, but today I jammed Clark Howard and Mike Watt podcasts.

Dealt with the detour for the collapsed bridge in Mt Vernon.  

Had to stop at the border and buy duty free smokes for Harvey.   I guess you can't get Marlboro Reds in Canada?

And then the bike's bike battery died again...

...but it at least had the courtesy to do it in front of an auto parts store.  It was just a matter of putting locking washers on it.  Mellow repair.

Then had to go to a different place to pick up the cigs, a lot of work for habit I already quit.  At the border I had to answer some rapid fire questions which I guess I answered well enough and was on my way.  

Rush hour traffic. This would have been a nice time to split lanes.  Instead I stood there and let the pipes slowly cook my leg.

Rode the 99 which is just a pain in the ass city street.  If there is a quicker way into Vancouver I wish I had known it.  Then did circles around town trying to find the streets I needed.  

Reunited with Harvey and ky!

The bros putting on my belt guard while I spaced out.

More bros

Brennan, who came on my South Dakota trip.  He was supposed to come to Alaska tomorrow but got in some legal trouble and is stuck in Vancouver while his Triumph is impounded.

This is Harvey in mid debate about whether to whether to take the Alaska Highway or the Cassiar.  
Harvey says if we take the Alcan he's not coming.  That settles that. 

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