Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 4- Mendocino to Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

250 miles

Spent the morning on the 1.  So many jaw dropping views, but I can't take iPhone pics while riding.  This one doesn't do anything justice.  Rode through Fort Bragg and then connected back to the 101

Whoever said Harley's leak oil all the time was right.  There was a motorcycle rally happening today, thousands of bikes, my arm got tired from all the waving, and I only usually only reciprocated not initiated waves.  Wave politics are pretty hilarious. I don't wave at a bike cop or back patcher, just cause they don't wave anyway.   I quit all waving in SoCal for the most part cause there are way too many bikes but on the road but I wave back cause I don't want to leave people hanging, it would make me feel rude, and i like spreading good vibes.  Harvey, ky, Heath etc never wave at anyone ever.  But I get bored and its a split second of something to do.   I wave at those off road touring bikes the most cause I envy those bikes and think traveling in one would be badass.  I don't do the cool upside down peace sign.  Mine is a handle bar finger lift or a regular palm out wave.   Thought you guys would like to know.   It's funny riding and see who waves and who doesn't.  

Tourist stuff.

I had Katie get on the bike and we did a loop through the Avenue of the Giants.  I told her it was just like taking the speeder bikes through Endor.

We also took the Newton B Drury Pkwy, which is another 101 Alternate route, it doesn't add much time but its more scenic and chill.

Paul Bunyon at the Trees of Mystery.  There were so many cool pull offs I didn't do, like the Hill of Confusion and something that looked like a Bigfoot museum.   Next time.  

Babe's blue balls.

Drove through Eureka too, for a second I thought the zombie apocalypse had come while I was in the forest.

Campsite at Del Norte Coast Redwoods. Mill Creek Campground.   Highly recommend!  

The campsites are like VIP suites, totally private with a balcony.  I'm gonna camp here again. 

I'm on my way to Portland right now

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