Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 11: Whitehorse to Tok, Alaska

409 miles

Today was my 'over it' day. 

Yesterday when anyone got salty, my attitude  was 'this is the coolest thing we could ever be doing, stop being pussies.'  I was loving almost every minute of the ride, even the crappy parts.  But today I just woke up, another day in Canada, thinking 'what is the point of this?  There are so many other things I should be doing with my time, I'm out here riding around on my toy, leaving everything important in the wind'.   That may even be true, I don't know.  
 Beans and Harvey are going to turn around at some point and when Beans suggested the time was now, Harvey said "if we don't make it to Alaska this whole trip was pointless." 

I rode separated from everyone cause I wanted to go to Starbucks, but I knew I would catch up at the first gas station and I did.  Someone did the math and we spent so much time at gas stations that we are pretty much going 25mph.  We'll get on the highway, some of the guys will pull back the throttle, max the RPMs, pass all the loser Cruise Canada RV's and trailers, go 90mph until the next gas station, then sit around for an hour while all of those RV's pass us again and we probably never even catch back up.   

I guess that's why Harvey said I was a touring biker (he meant it as an insult) probably pretty true.  I'd rather go 75 or less, stop less and for a shorter amount of time.  Or stop for scenery or animals, and do the gas stations quick.   I bought some binoculars in Mendocino and used them to look at some elk on this stretch.

Pulled over

Katie and Kathy, do you want these shirts?

Then adding to my salty attitude, right when I was about to leave Harvey said "don't leave i need something off your bike" without explaining what or why, and pulled out some wrenches.  He wanted the bolt he gave me in Vancouver to hold my belt guard on back to fix his pipe.  I was annoyed but I let him do it (though i wouldnt help when he asked). He couldn't get it off anyhow, he just made it so it rattles when I ride now.  I'm taking it off after the Haul Road anyway so it's no biggie.

Then Arto's bike wouldn't start.

But 15 minutes and a push start later, it was going again.

This was the worst stretch of highway I've ever ridden, and I kind of loved it.  It wasn't boring, and there were so many frost heaves at points it was like skateboarding a concete park.  You'd be going 75pm and sometimes the only warning of a heave was the skid marks of a previous victim.  But other than potential bike damage it was awesome, I think I even caught air once or twice.   It was literally hours of bouncing around.  There were also long stretches of very loose gravel, the kind that makes your bike squirrel around under you.  I'm finally used to it though. 

Harv was not as stoked.  His pipes fell off over and over.  And he has no rear suspension.  I have a Goldwing compared to his bike

Stopped at this place right before the US border, it was awesome

This lady was like " you Americans complain about the road, YOU built it!"

Bought a hat

More of this crap.  And if you stop for one second you get swarmed by mosquitos.  I have a 5 or 6 bites, including 2 on my forehead.
Time zone change

Then Alaska!  

Arto stoked.  I was happy too, all my grouchyness wiped away.  

I peed in both countries at the same time, in dog society that makes me the owner of both. 

I am really proud of this, it was days of hard riding, but getting here in one piece with the bros is awesome.  

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