Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 19: Hixon BC to Seattle

529 miles

Lost Arto and Ky somewhere.  They then took a wrong turn behind me and I decided to go to my brother's house in Seattle.  The last stretch of Canada was very beautiful.

Cross the border for the last time; so far this trip has been US, to Canada, back to US into Alaska, back to Canada, back to US to catch ferry, off ferry into Canada, back to US.  

A hundred miles short of Seattle I had to decide whether to listen to music on my phone knowing the battery would die or be smart and ride in silence.  I chose to listen to music.  The phone died some where and I rode into downtown Seattle in the rain with no idea where to go.  All the Starbucks's were closed, mcDonalds was phone charging proof.  It was kind of a nightmare, I walked around in the rain looking for a stray outlet.  Found one finally at a Westin Hotel's parking garage.  Got a little bit of charge, rode in the dark in the pouring rain a few more miles and was there.

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