Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 10: Dease Lake to Whitehorse

440 miles

The place we had breakfast was really lame, the people were rude, wanting to charge extra for phone charging and anything else.  You think they would be happy we had 8 people all buying huge breakfasts.  Then we stopped at Jade City where they were really nice, free wifi, charging, even free coffee.  I think they can afford it because the supply 90percent of the worlds Jade, including Jade to China.  China has already dug theirs up.

Sled dog team

Lots of stops today.  I saw Ky's tent fly off, Harvey's pipes are falling off, and at one point I heard my music stop, looked down and my headphone cord was just dangling there.  Crap, my iPhone dropped.  Pulled a u turn and saw it laying there.  Also saw an Rv coming, picked it up, u turned again, and amazing  the Otterbox I bought paid for itself.  No damage, and I was probably going 75mph

Forest fire road

Lots of stark but amazing scenery the whole ride.   The Cassier was an awesome road, so glad we took it.   I was smiling like an idiot in my helmet for lots of it.

Typical potholes

Yukon Ho!

Sign forest in Watson Lake- 10mile detour

Harvey left a plate he hauled all the way from BC

Putting on rain gear.

Rain and miles of gravel.  

A first taste of Alaska looking mountains

Mosquito swatter

Rainbow Chasers

Somewhere in the town below, Harvey knocked over Ky's bike at a gas pump and his front brake broke.  Now he's riding without one.

This is well past midnight in Whitehorse, trying to find a hotel.  For some reason we rode to the middle of town and paid way too much for a room.  

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