Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 16 +17: Alaska Marine Highway - Haines to Prince Rupert

Zero riding miles

Got on the ferry and started pitching tents.  The lounge chair seemed like a good fit


The view from my luxury suite

Glacier spotting.  I loved my tent set up, it was the first time I've ever been able to leave the tent flaps open, because there are were no bugs.  I fell asleep with it wide open.  The lounge chair was nice cause I could put my stuff under it and I was off the cold hard deck.

 and woke up to actual night!  I have never been so happy to see nothing.  At first I didn't know where I was and was kind of confused.  I really needed some sleep.

A little bit of rain in the morning.  It was nice, the wind was a little annoying.  There was a shower on the boat which was great after 3 nights in a row of camping, two of which were on the side of the road

The whole thing was a nice vibe and I wished we could have taken it all the way to Billingham, which is an option on other days.   

Food court

Sometimes it's a full blown tent city on the boat, would have been nice for pictures

Some adventure biker (is that what they're called?  Those metal bikes?) told me that taking the ferry is cheating.  I can't cheat if I'm not trying to win, I wanted to take this boat in order to see parts of Alaska that arn't connected by roads, I also loved the idea of camping on the deck.  It was really nice, I got some reading done, ate food, lounged in my tent.  There were movies playing and a bar you can drink at.  The ticket price was pretty expensive, and it got about the same miles as riding would have gotten us in equal time.  

Arrived in Prince Rupert after two days and one night on the boat.  It sucks to have to get off and find a motel.  My headlight isn't working so had to ride 5 miles in the dark hoping not to see a cop.

Paid $90 for this crappy place:

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