Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 2- Fremont Peak to Mendocino

250 miles

Woke up at Fremont Peak, slept well and warm. 

There is a deer in this picture

Giant dandelion 

How does this clock work?

Pinky stoked

Drove off and had the same problem as yesterday with my bike.  It was decel popping and jerking and revving inexplicably.  It was definitely the battery connectors, I googled to see if its ok to Loctite the bolts, some people said yes but most said "you don't want to put Loctite in your battery, use a star washer." I went with the most convenient answer since I didn't have a washer and basically glued the bolt in.   Now it runs smoothly.

Stopped in Novato at Whole Foods and had some macho biker drinks.  The ride was typical through the Bay Area; saw Oakland, saw the Golden Gate from a distance.  But once we reached the 101 it was great, sometime around Santa Rosa it basically turns into a country road.   Got off on the 128 that heads to Mendocino.  It was peaceful and scenic. Drove through some hot valleys, passed some grape fields, then into some dark redwoods.  As we approached the coast it got foggy and cold.   Then got onto Highway 1.  I drove the 1 once up the entire coast, and this stretch was so windy and slow I vowed never to take it again, but here I am.  

Checked into Stanford Inn in Mendocino, Katie has been here before and wanted to come back.  It's dog friendly and vegan.  This is the dog that lives there.  

They have a pool, hot tub and sauna.  Even though I haven't riden all that far yet I am still sore enough to need a soak.  

Hotel guest

Hotel Llama

Our bedroom fire.  This is a pretty luxurious place, I'll have to make this my happy place when I'm suffering on some rainy 500 mile ride in the Yukon.

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