Los Angeles to the Arctic Circle and back

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day18: the Highway of Tears

Prince Rupert to Hixon 498 miles.

Woke up in a motel in Prince Rupert.  It was raining and I had to fix the headlight.  I was worried it was electrical, because the lights on on the bike have been pretty hit or miss, going out for no reason, shorting out etc, my low beam hasn't worked in a long time and the dash lights have been out most of this trip, but luckly it was just the bulb.  Ky's problems were more complicated and we u-turned around town for awhile and it still didn't get fixed

The drive was nice, but I was in a hurry to make miles and didn't take pics.  

Stopped in Smithers at the Harley dealer, ky got everything taken care of for $5. Which was very kind of the mechanics.  His card declined for that amount and I gave them $5 American. 

Kept riding after that through towns we already passed on the way north.  But everything looked different traveling in a different direction.  

Ky really small and the super moon.

Ky found us a campsite on the map 40miles past Prince George and texted Arto to meet us there.  I looked at my map and it was 40miles on the wrong highway.  I said I was not going 80 miles extra, especially since it was dark. I need to get home, I'm behind on work, my dog and fiancé miss me, unless its the awesomest campsite in the world, I don't want to go any distance out of the way.  But we couldn't track down Arto and figured he was already headed there.  I didn't want to ditch so i begrudgingly headed that way.   There was vicious lighting in the black and it was right on track to where we were heading.  It looked like a really bad storm, almost tornado weather.  It started to rain and then a sign said 200k no services.  I finally u-turned, it looked so treacherous. I looked at my phone and Arto had headed in the correct direction anyway, to a town 40 miles south of Prince George called Hixon.  We rode in the dark and light rain, there were no lines in the road, it was just a sketchy country highway with occasional trucks, it definitely was one if the lamer legs of the trip, but those always seem rad in retrospect.  Got to the site, saw Arto's tent, pitched ours and passed out.

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